Haven’t Cut the Cable Cord Yet?

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Haven’t Cut the Cable Cord Yet?

Traditional TV is finally moving over to the Internet, and it’s happening much faster than we can think. 2018 is the year is to cut the cable cord and started saving money. Almost all major channels, be it HBO, FOX, CNN, History, BBC, ESPN, NBA USA, Disney Channel, Cartoon Network and hundreds more, are streaming online and to watch them, you no longer require a cable subscription.

Cutting the Cable Saves Money

Ever wonder why more people than ever are cutting the cord and ditching cable and satellite TV subscriptions? The biggest reason is not just the cost. Though, cutting the cable cord will save you anywhere between $600 to $1200 per year. That’s a lot of money. But there is much more than saving money. The IPTV service allows you to stream live TV channels on television as well as mobile and tablet devices. So you can step out and access your favorite TV programs on the go.

IPTV is the Future 

According to a report published in The Hollywood Reporter satellite TV hit hardest in Q2 as nearly 1 million subscribers ditched the service and switched to the new digital competitors.

The report says that the Dish Network lost more customers than nearly every network between April and June 2017, as many as 1 million subscribers switched to the digital options such as YouTube Red, Netflix, and other streaming services. Along with Comcast, Charter Communications and AT&T’s DirecTV, Dish’s stock shares are down in the first week of August. At a declining customer rate of 2.7 percent, the cable and satellite companies are experiencing the fastest rate of subscriber loss in the Television history.

Cord cutting is steadily catching momentum in the past five years as a growing number of TV channels are targeting mobile and tablet users, especially the millennial viewers and those who want much more from conventional television.

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